About postalcodeinfo.ca

Hi. My name is Adam. Thank you for your interest in postalcodeinfo.ca!

I created postalcodeinfo.ca in 2013 as a personal project. I wanted to develop a mashup that utilized several different APIs in a unique way, and I also wanted to provide a local resource for my home and native land. This is the result of my efforts.

The inspiration for postalcodeinfo.ca came from Zipcode.us, a site which I have been involved with as a technical liaison since August 2012. As is the case with all of my sites, however, I built this from scratch with my own code.

General APIs

postalcodeinfo.ca uses the following APIs and data sources:

  • The Government of Canada Open Data project for raw census data. I generated the charts and graphs on postalcodeinfo.ca from this data.
  • The Google Maps APIs for generating maps and retrieving latitude/longitude coordinates for postal codes.
  • The Yellow Pages API, for information on local businesses.


The following APIs were used for deals:


The following APIs were used for jobs: